If you've been going to the gym or dieting for a while, and haven't achieved the results that you'd hoped for, then you would benefit from a Personal Trainer. As an expert certified personal trainer with proven results, Eduardo Yibrin offers individually-tailored fitness programs and personal nutrition to clients at any fitness level. He also has experience training clients with osteoporosis, knee replacements and other rehab conditions. 

20 years of experience give me the advantage of guiding you in the right path, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, prepare you for a competition, improve your health, elevate your confidence, mood, self esteem, courage etc. Expert knowledge in making you excel in a specific sport, young & adults. Kick-start your self esteem in no time, start looking and feeling results as soon as two weeks!!

Think that only celebrities can have a Personal Trainer to maintain a gorgeous figure?  Together, we can sculpt your body like a cosmetic surgeon and tailor it to your exact dream, whether it is modeling, bikini figure, toning, weight loss, building lean muscle, or performing better at sports such as tennis, golf or soccer.

By creating an elegant physique naturally, I invite you to improve your beauty, health and self-esteem and look and feel your best.

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